Preview: “The Generous Universe”



The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. – Eden Phillpotts


They say that seeing is believing and it is certainly the case that if we cannot imagine something—at least in our mind’s eye—we do not accept it as “real” or existent. And it follows that if we do not believe that a thing is real, then we will not attempt to “engage” it in any way. That is, we will not try to learn more about it, make use of it, or even enjoy it for its own sake. The problem with this inclination in human beings is that there is so much more to existence that we cannot experience directly with our basic senses, so we miss out on a world of resources that is available to us in our pursuit of quality and meaning in life. If only we could “see” that world!

This book is an attempt to help us do just that. (I say “us” because life is a continual learning process, and we are all in this together.) It will describe many perfectly legitimate, natural, and yet astounding realities that are not immediately apparent, and demonstrate how integral they are to our own life processes. Some of these things we will already know about, but have perhaps not taken the time to relate to in a deeper way. Others have been understood for some time, but we may not have been personally exposed to them. Still others are very new discoveries that have caused a great deal of excitement in their respective fields, but have not yet entered the general stream of knowledge. After all, none of us can know everything there is to know, and we each choose our own areas of interest and expertise. But I have found myself drawn to these particular fields of study for many years now, both personally and professionally, and they have given me such a sense of awe for the world that I feel compelled to share this joy of discovery with others.

This is the purpose of our journey together. The time that it takes to pursue this path is the gift that we are giving to ourselves. It is a gift that will last the rest of our lives, for the understanding that it engenders will enhance not only our powers of manifestation—but our sense of wonder—with each and every step that we take thereafter.