Praise for “The Generous Universe”

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The Generous Universe is a remarkably deep dive into the scientific understanding of reality. This first book in Mary Hoy Schmidt’s Unwrapping Reality series is a well-written, accurate, and generously broad survey that will appeal to anyone seeking to better understand our role in the universe, our potentials, and beyond.”

– Dean Radin, PhD, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences
– Distinguished Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies
– Co-Editor-in-Chief, Explore


“Ever wonder ‘where do I fit in the grand scheme of things?’

In a thoroughly researched and beautifully written book, Mary Hoy Schmidt guides us on an extraordinary journey that provides some insight into an answer.

Using ordinary, everyday language, the author leads the reader to a greater understanding of the concept that we all have access to and indeed are a part of the very energy that is at the heart of ‘The Generous Universe’ in which we live.”

– Dave Clements, Teacher


The Generous Universe is filled with interesting, relevant, and valuable information (and energy!). Your keen insights make the seemingly complex very understandable and relatable. Thanks for sharing your gift and encouraging some meaningful thought as we progress on our personal journeys. I look forward to the next book in your Unwrapping Reality series.”

– Steve Koncz, CPGA Professional


I really enjoyed The Generous Universe and found it hard to put down. The amount of research that went into the book is incredible. It certainly has taken me to another world; now I understand the power of the universe and why positive forces encourage success.

This book is such an enlightening READ.

– Tony Evershed, PGA Master, Teacher, Coach


I love your style and expression, and how you convey the complex ideas. It is interesting to consider the notions of “design, destiny or derivation” at this time of year when many people believe they already know the answer. I appreciate your line: “And so, without locking ourselves into any specific mind-set, we can keep ourselves honest, inspired and open to all possibilities.”

Maureen West, High School Teacher