We are now accepting Contributions for the continuing development of our “Birthing Art” Division. This branch of Rising Intent, along with its dedicated Website, provides a platform for writers, artists and craftspeople to display their work to art-lovers. Many pieces will be labelled Anonymous and are included for the sheer joy of sharing and viewing. Others are attributed, but not for sale, while still others are for sale, with contact information displayed.

As we start out, we will share work from our known sources, but as we expand further, we will open the site up to unknown artists who request to be included. All of these efforts require upkeep fees and layers of security that are now being borne by Rising Intent.

It is our hope that the Birthing Art sharing platform will become self-supporting – not through distracting advertisements or off-putting fees – but through people who resonate with our intent to inspire and promote creativity in the world.

Contributions of any amount, no matter how small, add up, and are greatly appreciated.


Please note that contributions are not tax-deductible. We are not a charitable organization, but a forward-thinking, communal branch of Rising Intent.

If you would like to include your name or a short note of encouragement, we would love to hear from you.