About the Author of “The Generous Universe”

Mary Hoy Schmidt is an eclectic writer, having published a book of Poetry and a Children’s book within the last few years. Her newest book is a work of adult non-fiction that inspires readers to discover their path to joy and fulfillment through a deeper understanding of the nature of reality.

Having investigated this subject for the past two decades, Mary has garnered a great deal of knowledge about consciousness as it relates to neuroscience, biology, quantum physics, astrophysics, energy and information theory, and so much more. Her scientific research has been complemented by an equal amount of study in psychology, philosophy and spirituality, and has been reinforced by her experience as a Master Reiki practitioner, as well as by the practices of Yoga, Tai Chi, lucid dreaming and meditation.

Mary presents her material as a fellow traveller on the path, inviting readers to explore this fascinating territory along with her. By relating scientific concepts and discoveries to our daily experience of life, Mary’s work will be appreciated by anyone with a genuine thirst for knowledge.