About the Author of "Trees, Wind, Wishes"

Mary Hoy Schmidt wrote her first poem at the tender age of six, and was being published in literary journals by the age of sixteen. In the ensuing years, she has shared her poetry not only in print, but at reading venues, lectures and workshops. She has also published articles on the writing craft and other pertinent topics, and has served in writers’ clubs and schools to further an appreciation of the written word. Her complementary experiences as a Reiki therapist, social worker, behavioural counsellor, science researcher – and mother – have inspired her to help others recognize their own potential for creativity and well-being. This often involves a stilling of the mind, a balancing of energies, and a receptivity to deeper meanings.

Mary’s poetry collection shares the deep insights that nature provides, which are in keeping with the above idea and reflect the core values of Rising Intent. Each poem is accompanied by a stunning full-colour photograph, taking the reader on a wondrous tour through the seasons in one of Canada’s most beautiful natural settings. In creating this work, Mary envisioned an “Art book” that could be placed on a coffee table or desk, with poems and photographs being savoured one at a time or all at once in a leisurely sitting. The multiple layers of meaning in the poems encourage many readings, with each new insight ready and waiting to be gleaned.