Rising Intent produces literary and artistic work of the highest quality, integrity and intent. Our mission is to embody and encourage the rise of consciousness and well-being in a continually evolving world. Creations produced by Rising Intent are open-minded and positively oriented; they resonate with the awakening knowledge of humanity’s potential for greatness. The perspectives offered represent a balance between science and spirituality, the synchrony of matter with essence, a deep respect for the natural world, and harmony between peoples of all cultures and creeds.

The Heart of the Matter:

The inspiration behind Rising Intent is a very special book that has been years in the making. This work, which delves into the nature of reality and the power of consciousness, has fuelled the evolution of our venture. Although it was slated to be Rising Intent's initial offering, life and love began to play upon it, and our little company began to sprout, branch out, and bear fruit, even while the original seed remained hidden from view.  Still, this book is the heart around which all of our other pursuits revolve, and is coming out at the end of November, with release to book stores scheduled for the spring of 2020. See announcement below!

Infinity Times Eternity

Infinity Times Eternity is one of the natural offshoots of Rising Intent’s mission to produce and share work that uplifts humanity. A Children's Book Division, it encourages children to exercise their imaginations and understand their true worth. Our first offering is called "The Most Love Ever!", a story that explores the enduring and expanding power of love. To learn more, click on our Children's Division, as well as www.infinitytimeseternity.com.

Birthing Art

Birthing Art is a division of Rising Intent, offering a platform for artists to share and promote new work through its own dedicated Website. The art that is birthed on these pages resonates with our core values and connects independent artists with lovers of creativity in all of its formats. Click on our Birthing Art page for more information on this project, and visit https://www.birthingart.com to view and learn more.

The Shared Quest

Rising Intent's Shared Quest initiative donates ten percent of net profits to causes that enlighten and uplift humanity. Organizations selected for this program work toward a better understanding of consciousness, and seek solutions to all forms of suffering brought on by the mind. Through their research and development, they serve not only individuals, but all beings, and the natural world in which they live.

No specific religious or political affiliations are connected to these ventures.

Through its products and The Shared Quest program, Rising Intent joins the growing world effort to integrate body, mind and spirit, and to promote harmony between self and others, energy and information, thought and action. The goal in achieving coherence in these areas is to bring us ever closer to the joy and fulfillment that we all seek and to bring our relationship with nature back into balance.

By purchasing and enjoying products offered through Rising Intent and its affiliated sites, you are contributing to your own quest for self-discovery and for harmony between man and nature.

Note: Please visit our Shared Quest page to learn more.


*** We are happy to announce the publication in November 2019 of Mary Hoy Schmidt's new book, The Generous Universe. This is the first book in the UNWRAPPING REALITY series, and it has already garnered some wonderful reviews. This book will take us to the place where science and spirit meet, an awe-inspiring place from which we can create lives of great joy and fulfillment.***

The Generous Universe will be available for purchase on our Website at the end of November. To preview the cover, click Products.

In other news, our Children's book, The Most Love Ever! is being sold in Paperback, Hardcover and eBook formats in Chapters/Indigo/Coles stores and online at Indigo.ca. All three formats are also available on Amazon.

If you wish to order the Paperback or Hardcover of The Most Love Ever! directly through this Website, simply click: Products.

Preview of "The Most Love Ever!"

Additional Note: Rising Intent's first publication, Trees, Wind, Wishes is a gorgeous collection of poetry and photography. This book reflects the beauty and wisdom of nature and the journey of the soul to discover its true essence.

To view a preview or to order Trees, Wind, Wishes, click: Products.

*All of these books participate in The Shared Quest program.