Children's Division

Rising Intent is pleased to introduce our new Children’s Division: “Infinity Times Eternity”. 

“Infinity times Eternity” is the natural unfolding of Rising Intent’s mission to produce and share work that uplifts humanity. Through gentle guidance and example, the books published under this name will encourage children to exercise their imaginations and understand their true worth. Themes chosen will support the concept that all children have meaningful ideas and talents, and that each child has a special role to play. The stories will also help our youth to see how they fit into the greater context of life, as a part of a family, society, nature – yes, and even the universe! It is our view that even very young children have the capacity to understand such concepts when presented in age-appropriate, metaphorical, and fun-filled terms.

Fostering an appreciation of language and learning, of kindness and caring, of values and virtues, the key intent behind this project is to share love and joy while invoking children’s natural creativity, interpretive skills and problem-solving abilities. Topics chosen will be thought-provoking at the child’s level of understanding and will encourage further dialogue between child and adult, reinforcing the relationship and providing a shared sense of wonder. They will also bring out children’s strengths and interests in a way that helps them, through feeling, thought and action, to “rise and shine” in life. This should contribute to the overall evolution of consciousness and to peace and harmony in the world.

We now have a Website dedicated to this Division: On it, you will find more information than is provided here. In the meantime, see below for a quick description of our first project.

Our first Children's Book!

The first book that our Children’s Division will be offering is called “The Most Love EVER!”, which features a conversation between a Grandmother and her granddaughter at bedtime – a very special and memorable time in the life of a young child. In the tale, the two help each other come to a wondrous recognition of how “big” love can actually get – and the little girl learns some new words and meanings as her world view broadens to include them.

This story will initially be created as an eBook, with the printed version to follow.

 “The Most Love EVER!” is the first book in our proposed four-part “LOVE” series. The working title of the second book is “More Love to Share”, with a third and fourth title complementing the theme of the series.

As this division grows, we may open our doors to other authors and artistic formats, and we could even provide some creations by children themselves. But for now, please stay tuned for our premier publication!

Note: If you would like to be notified when the e-Book becomes available, feel free to email us in advance and we will notify you as soon as it is ready. You may also email us at any time to reserve your printed copy!

And please take another look at our Poetry/Photo collection by clicking on the link below. It is in stock and ready for delivery.