Birthing Art

“Birthing Art” is a Branch of Rising Intent that promotes and encourages new work by independent artists that resonate with our intent to foster joy and fulfilment in life.

Through this Branch and its dedicated Website, we will introduce you to specifically chosen creative works and connect you with the contact information of their creators. We note that while the individual selections reflect the values of our company, this does not mean that every work produced by these artists necessarily applies.

Please visit Birthing Art to learn more about our new venture!

Note: At this time, both the Previewed and the Featured items on the Birthing Art site can be viewed and purchased through Rising Intent. (Rising Intent Children’s Division and Products)

Special Announcement: We have introduced a new artist to the Birthing Art Gallery! Lindsay Schmidt Nichols.

Click Birthing Art Gallery to view examples of her work, and to inquire about Lindsay’s Products, click: You may also see more at: , and order “Sound Art” through Linzy Pinzy Custom Art.

Special Note: Rising Intent is now accepting donations to support our Birthing Art Project. We are grateful for contributions of any amount, which will be applied to associated Website costs.

Donations are secured by PayPal’s stringent safety measures.